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导读: God puts dreams in our hearts. So, we must dream. We lose our sorrows and heartaches in dreams. And we live our fantasies in dreams. Some dreams are aborted while some come true. 上帝在我们的心中播种梦想。所以我们必须有梦。我们在梦想中丢弃

  God puts dreams in our hearts. So, we must dream. We lose our sorrows and heartaches in dreams. And we live our fantasies in dreams. Some dreams are aborted while some come true. 上帝在我们的心中播种梦想。所以我们必须有梦。我们在梦想中丢弃悲伤与心痛,活在梦想的奇异世界里。一些梦想可能会夭折然而一些则会实现。

  Most mornings, I'd sit by the Lake in my neighborhood just to witness the awesomeness of God; to be marveled at what Mother Nature is about to unfold... to shower us with her magnificence. The squirrels too gather by the edge of the Lake. The birds float effortlessly, circling the Lake in a beautiful ballet. The gators stand in awe. Yes, the gators! The leaves on the trees would suddenly stop their slow dance. Just like me, they are patiently awaiting for the grand entrance of the sun. The moon must go. Yes, the moon must go... to make room for the sun to rise. The sound of the gentle breeze is soothing, almost musical. I am filled with joy. I cannot describe the feeling of this awesomeness. You'd have to experience it to understand the feeling and joy of it. I know I am about to witness an amazing grace. So... I am silent. My spirit is at peace. The stage has been set. Behind those clouds, the sun awaits... waiting for the heavenly command. The ritual is in full bloom. Then I see a slice of sunlight, wafting through the clouds. Suddenly, the entire horizon is brightened, and the sun finally takes the center stage. Right there, I am still... humbled... to listen to God speak into my soul. When He's done, then, I share with Him all that my heart desires.早晨我经常会静坐在家附近的湖畔,只为见证上帝的神奇之力;惊叹大自然母亲将展现的事物。。。震撼我们以其雄伟壮丽之景。松鼠也在湖边聚集起来。鸟儿轻快的浮在湖面上,绕着湖转着圈,好似在跳优美的芭蕾。鳄鱼肃立着。没错,是鳄鱼!树上的叶子会突然地停下她们的曼舞,耐心地等待着太阳宏大的入场礼,就像我一样。月亮必须要离开啊。是啊,月亮必须要离开啊,得给太阳腾地方啊。徐徐微风,温婉静谧,如同和乐一般。喜悦之情,溢于言表。然此景之震撼实则无法用言语表达。人们须亲身经历才能明白这种感觉和其中的喜悦。知道即将亲眼见证这一奇妙的恩典,我没有出声。我心静如水,没有一丝涟漪。舞台已准备就绪。重重云雾背后,太阳静待,等着上天的召唤。礼教已经进入它的全盛时代。然后我看到了穿过云层透出来的一缕阳光。突然,整个地平线变得透亮,太阳最终站到了中心舞台上。然,就在那,我一动不动,谦卑地聆听着上帝对我灵魂的教导。待其结束,与上帝诉说着我的心愿。

  Now, here's my personal dream story:现在,为您呈上我关于梦的故事:

  Eight years ago, a young couple very dear to my heart had a miscarriage after being attacked by armed robbers in their home. They were newly weds. They share the kind of love that makes one want to give love a second chance. Why? They truly love each other and, they take God on board with them in all that they do.八年前,持械抢劫犯入室抢劫了一对跟我很亲近的年轻夫妻,他们因此而失掉了一个还未出生的孩子。他们刚结婚不久,之间有着使人想给爱第二次机会的那种爱。为什么呢?他们真心相爱,而且他们一切都与上帝同行。

  I am your typical all-year-round-positive-kinda-girl. But, it doesn't mean I do not have my down moments. I stay positive and thankful because I know there's a reason for every season. Since the couple had that miscarriage, they felt empty. For awhile, they wondered if God had abandoned them. They fasted and prayed. They cried. They isolated themselves from family and friends. Basically, they were existing, and not living. They travelled far and wide, spending all their resources, seeing different OBGYNs. Nothing worked.我是那种典型的一年到头都很乐天派女生,但这并不意味着我没有低落的时候。我乐观开朗,常怀感恩,是因为我知道每个季节都有存在的理由。自从那对夫妻遭遇那场不幸之后,就觉得很空虚。有那么一段时间,他们在想上帝是不是把他们抛弃了。他们禁食,祈祷,哭泣。离开家庭和朋友把自己孤立起来。基本上,他们只是单纯地存在着而不是生活着。他们倾尽所能,跋山涉水四处寻医问药,找各种妇产科医生。但毫无效果。

  One day, I called them to say hello. The wife sounded like someone had died. When I asked, she said, "I am fine. Nobody died. Just tired." When I spoke with her husband, he shared with me that she had just seen her period, menstrual period, that is. I asked him if I could speak with her again. I believe till this day that it was the grace of God that led me to make that phone call. It was time to share my one dream with her.有一天,我打电话过去问候他们。这位妻子的声音听起来就像谁去世了一样很是悲伤。当我问道她就说“我很好,没有谁去世。我只是累了.”当我跟她丈夫谈起时,他告诉我说她刚刚进入经期,仅此而已。我问道是否可以再跟他妻子聊会。我相信直到这一天是上帝恩惠让我拨打这个电话。是时候和她分享我的一个梦了。

  "For eight years, I always had same dream, You were in it. You were always nursing a child while rocking him/her in a rocking chair. In the dream, there was always a celebration happening...like a Christening, and you were in it, with your husband by your side." She was silent. I had to share some life lessons with her. I also had to remind her that she must never allow her faith to be shaken, instead, it should be renewed with each sunrise because God is Hope. “八年以来,我一直在做着同样的梦,你就在梦里面。而你总是在摇着摇椅照看一个孩子。在梦里,总是有那么一场庆祝活动在举办着,像是一场洗礼,而你在那里,你的丈夫站在你旁边。”她没出声。我必须说一些生活的经验给她听。同时我也必须要提醒她一定不能动摇信念,反之,信念应当在每次太阳升起的时候得到新生,因为上帝就是希望。

  I read somewhere that when Life breaks us, "We are only broken to be made whole." Therefore, we must strive not to fall apart.当生命将我们分开的时候我就会念到,“我们只有在要组成整体的时候才会被分离开来。”因此,我们必须努力不破裂。

  I shared this dream with my mother. And each time, we got excited together and submitted this dream of mine to God in prayers and in songs of praise, after all, God is just a prayer away. And God sure loves to be praised.我跟我母亲讲了这个梦境。每次我们都会变得很兴奋,并在祷文中和赞歌中与上帝分享我这个梦,毕竟,上帝是远方的一个祷告者。再者,上帝肯定也喜欢被称赞。

  Many moons ago, I remember waking up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat. I was woken up by a sharp pain in my stomach. I had a dream. This time, I was the one pregnant. I went down on my knees in total submission to the Will of God...asking Him for my one dream to come true. And no, I did not wish to be pregnant (Laughs).数月以前,我记得自己披着一件毛衣,在午夜醒来。我被腹部的一阵刺痛而惊醒,我做了一个梦。这回,怀孕的那个人是我。完全服从上帝的旨意,我跪了下来,请求上帝能实现我的一个梦--不,我不想怀孕。(此处有笑声)

  I do know one thing for sure: Dreams really do come true when you believe in your dreams, when you give God something to work with (doing your part), and when you believe in and trust God.有一件事我可以肯定:当你相信梦想,当你做出一些努力从而能让上帝能对你有所帮助,当你相信自己并信任上帝,梦想就一定会成真。

  God finally granted me the dream of my heart. This winter, this man and wife are expecting their first child.上帝终于恩赐了我心中的梦想。今年冬天,那个男人和他的妻子正期盼着他们第一个孩子的到来。

  When I received this great news, I was not surprised. The awesomeness of God is immeasurable. I am always in total submission to His Will. I believed this dream was going to come true at God's own time. And, this is God's time. For this, I am most thankful and humbled by this amazing grace.听到这个好消息的时候我并没有感到很惊讶。上帝的奇妙是无法估量的。我一直都服从着上帝的旨意。相信等时机到了,这个梦想就会成真。而现在就是那个时机。因为这个,我非常感谢并膜拜这奇妙的恩典。

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